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SimpleFX Coin (SFX)

Ready to embark on an exciting new chapter in your trading journey? Revolutionise your trading game with the crypto multi-asset trading platform pioneer and its exclusive SFX token.

Start collecting SFX Coins today. By doing so, you'll not only gain access to spread cashback, but also enjoy a range of exclusive privileges designed to take your trading journey to new heights. Get all possible SFX Coins while exploring the endless potential of our platform.

About SFX Coin

SFX Coin (SFX) is a utility token and core component of the broader SFX Coin ecosystem. It enables users to benefit from spread cashback, early access to new products and features, and a range of other exclusive advantages. You can earn SFX Coins through various activities on our platform, including deposits, trading, and friends’ referrals.

Exploring Key Features and Benefits

SFX Coin Cashback

With SFX Coin in your possession, you're not just holding a token, you're securing a gateway to unmatched advantages!

Imagine recouping a portion of your trading expenses with every transaction! That's right - with SFX Coin Cashback, you're not just trading; you're investing in your own success!

Get back part of the spread in the form of cashback. You’ll receive it on a dedicated rewards wallet, visible in the reward center. You can later payout the preferred amount of money to one of your accounts and use it for trading or withdrawal.

Cashbacks are credited once a week on Mondays, UTC time. However, we reserve the right to credit cashback on a different day in certain circumstances. Terms & Conditions apply.

How much will you receive? It depends on how many SFX Coins you own. You can find our thresholds below:

1%for 2 SFX
2%for 4 SFX
3%for 10 SFX
4%for 30 SFX
5%for 100 SFX
6%for 1000 SFX
7%for 10000 SFX
8%for 100000 SFX
9%for 1000000 SFX
10%for 10000000 SFX
Withdrawal Fee Rebates

Optimise your trading strategy with reduced fees on fund withdrawals, enabling you to make the most of your assets.

Early Access to New Products And Features

By holding SFX tokens, you join the group of elite users of the SimpleFX platform that enjoy early entry to new products and features, along with privileged terms for emerging services.

VIP Services For Large Token Holders

As a holder of a significant number of tokens, you will have access to VIP Support, featuring a dedicated account manager.

How can you get SFX Coins?

To make the most of SFX Coin loyalty program and acquire as many SFX Coins as possible, make deposits, trade, and refer your friends through our affiliate program.

  • Do KYC verification to get 1 SFX
  • Earn 0.5 SFX for daily logins to the mobile app (max activities)
  • Deposit $5 or more and receive 2.61 SFX
  • Make your first trade and get 5.2 SFX
  • Earn 1.33 SFX in cashback for every $1 worth of spread value generated through trading
  • Get 1.32 SFX for every referral who makes the first deposit of $5 or more
  • Refer friends and earn 4.25 SFX for each upon their first trade
  • Earn 0.85 SFX for every $1 value of your referrals revenue


April 2024
  • Airdrops
  • Collect all possible SFXs
May 2024
  • Launch
May 2024
  • Spread Cashback
  • You can still collect SFXs

During the airdrop phase, users had the chance to accumulate SFX Coins through various means, such as deposit, trading, refering friends to SimpleFX and exclusive giveaways. Now the airdrop phase is gone, but you can still collect SFX Coins! Every opportunity to obtain SFX Coins is significant, and users are encouraged to take advantage of all available channels to maximise their acquisition of SFX Coins.

From now on, SFX Coin holders have access to a suite of valuable benefits, including spread cashback.

SFX Coin allocation

We have designed the SFX Coin to serve as a powerful tool for driving the growth and expansion of our trading platform. The majority of our token supply will be directed towards incentivising our users, developing new partnerships and promoting the growth of the SFX Coin ecosystem.

Originally, we envisioned minting 100 million SFX tokens, orchestrating their gradual release over a span of up to 5 years to ensure a controlled and impactful introduction into the market. However, as a crucial step in our strategic evolution, we've decided to pivot away from pursuing its blockchain integration. Yet, our commitment to meticulously managing the token distribution remains unchanged, guaranteeing a seamless and rewarding journey for our community.

SFX Coin Legacy

As we navigate the evolutionary journey of SFX Coin, it's crucial to honor and understand its origins. This section is dedicated to exploring the initial concepts and aspirations that laid the foundation for SFX Coin, even as our project's scope and vision have evolved significantly.

Original Project Intentions

SFX Coin was designed for deployment on the versatile Ethereum blockchain, offering tangible value to its holders by optimizing trading costs, enabling participation in platform profits, and enhancing their decision-making power within the platform. The vision included creating a token with a fixed maximum supply, not only exchangeable but also holding market value, integrated into a broader ecosystem of digital currencies. Our initial plans and guidelines were defined in our litepaper, available here.

Why Did The Change Occur?

As our project progresses, we've opted to lift existing limitations associated with the unregulated sector and unlock new opportunities for our customers, including the introduction of new payment methods. In pursuit of expanding our horizons, we strategically entered the regulated financial arena by acquiring the Investment License in Mauritius. Looking ahead, we plan to acquire additional licenses to reinforce our standing in the multi-asset trading platform market, further enriching the opportunities for our customers. Navigating this regulatory environment, however, has necessitated the transformation of SFX Coin into a loyalty program centered on a cashback philosophy. This means that the primary benefit for token holders will be an opportunity to receive a portion of transaction costs back.

Benefits of the Loyalty Program

The new form of SFX Coin will allow users to enjoy a variety of compelling benefits, transforming every interaction on our platform into an opportunity for added value:

Spread Cashback: This is the cornerstone of our loyalty program. Token holders receive a percentage of the trading spread back on every transaction. This reduces trading costs and enhances the overall profitability of trading activities.
Withdrawal Fee Rebates: We understand that the costs associated with moving funds can deter trading enthusiasm. By holding SFX Coins, users benefit from reduced withdrawal fees, making managing their investments more economical.
Early Access to New Products and Features: Holding SFX Coins places you at the forefront of SimpleFX innovations. You gain priority access to new tools and services, ensuring you can leverage advanced features before they become available to the general market.
Exclusive VIP Services for Large Token Holders: Users with a significant number of tokens are eligible for VIP services, including a dedicated account manager and personalized customer support. This level of service ensures that large holders have a direct line of assistance and support whenever needed.

Click here to start collecting SFX Coins.


By restructuring SFX Coin into a loyalty program, we're not just adhering to financial regulatory requirements but actively enhancing the user experience, making the interaction with our platform more rewarding. This strategy maintains our original customer-focused vision as we navigate the new regulatory financial environment, positioning both our platform and its users for future growth and success.

Questions about SFX Coin?

1. What is SFX Coin?

SFX Coin (SFX) is a utility token of the SimpleFX trading platform. Holding SFX Coins gives you access to executive privileges, including spread cashback. You can get SFX Coins by making deposits, trading, and referring your friends through our affiliate program.

2. What are the benefits of holding SFX Coins?

By owning SFX Coins, you unlock a host of benefits that include spread cashback and other exclusive privileges designed to take your trading journey to new heights.

3. How many SFXs are there, and what’s their allocation?

Initially, our plan involved minting 100 million SFX tokens and methodically distributing them over a period of up to 5 years to ensure a deliberate and influential market introduction. However, as a pivotal move in our strategic development, we've opted to diverge from pursuing its blockchain integration. Nevertheless, our dedication to carefully overseeing the token distribution remains steadfast, ensuring a smooth and gratifying experience for our community.

4. What is the value of SFX tokens?

The value of SFX Coin lies in the incredible opportunities it unlocks for you as a trader on our platform. It serves as a gateway to substantial benefits. By collecting and holding our tokens, you're essentially building your path to significant savings. These tokens are your key to unlocking exclusive spread cashback, allowing you to trade more efficiently and cost-effectively. So, in essence, the true value of our token is the power it gives you to maximize your trading potential and achieve greater financial success.

5. Where can I find the litepaper?

As we adapt our vision, SFX Coin will retain its status as a utility token, serving as a valuable asset within our platform. While we've shifted our focus, it's important to note that our previous plans and arrangements are still accessible in our litepaper. We remain committed to transparency and ensuring that our community has access to the information they need to understand our journey and the utility of SFX Coin. You can find the SFX litepaper here.

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