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Sumber-sumber yang akan mengajar anda segala-galanya mengenai SimpleFX

Soalan yang Kerap Ditanya

Soalan Lazim

1. Berapakah deposit permulaan minimum yang diperlukan untuk membuka akaun baru?

Tiada deposit minimum untuk membuka akaun.

2. Adakah syarat-syarat perdagangan untuk akaun demo berbeza dengan akaun perdagangan langsung?

Sebut harga akaun demo adalah sama dengan akaun perdagangan sebenar.

3. Berapa banyak akaun yang saya boleh buka?

Pelanggan boleh membuat sehingga 3 Live dan Demo akaun untuk setiap mata wang.

4. Apa itu e-mel pengesahan?

Sebagai sebahagian daripada proses membuat akaun, kami memerlukan alamat e-mel anda untuk disahkan.

5. What is SimpleFX?

SimpleFX is a robust online trading provider offering trading with Forex CFDs on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, precious metals, energy, indices and equities from all over the world.

6. SimpleFX Company Information

SimpleFX Ltd. is incorporated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under registered number 22361 IBC by the Registrar of International Business Companies and its operations are subject to the Saint Vincent law. SimpleFX Ltd. is an innovative forex brokerage company providing services for thousands of clients around the world. All information regarding the Terms and Conditions as well as our AML policy and refund policy are available on the SimpleFX Terms and Conditions page. We have been operating since 8th October 2014.

7. What type of broker are you?

We are an STP broker, which means that there is no dealing desk. All of your trades are being sent to our liquidity pool and you are trading against other traders.

8. How many accounts can I open?

Clients can create up to 3 accounts per available account currency. The rule applies separately to Live accounts and Demo accounts. To create an account, go to the Main menu -> Accounts & Deposits -> Add account.

9. If I was trading on a Demo account and then switched to a Live account, would I have to pay additional fees or commissions?

No. The trading conditions are the same for DEMO accounts and LIVE accounts. As a result, you would still get the same amount of profit or loss.

10. On the webtrader, I am trying to close an order, but it does not close. Why?

Either the market is closed for a given symbol and the order can not be closed outside a trading session, or please try to clear your web browser cache memory by pressing simultaneously the CTRL+SHIFT+R key combination on your keyboard.

11. Do you have video tutorials?

Yes. Please go to the Help Center -> Video tutorials in the SimpleFX platform. You can also access the tutorials here.

12. What is CFD?

CFD is a contract for difference. It is a deal between the seller and the buyer. If you open a buy order and close the transaction when the price moves up, you will make a profit. If you open a sell order and close it when the price moves down, you will make a profit. In conclusion, you can earn on every price movement, up and down, which is not always possible if we take into consideration for example stock exchanges.

13. When is an account considered “inactive”?

We consider an account inactive only if there was no trading activity on it, so there were no trades executed. If you open at least one trade, the account will be considered active, even if there is nothing going on there for a longer time.

14. From which countries clients can not open an account?

We do not accept documents/clients from the following countries: Algeria, Belgium, The Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Monaco, Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Panama, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, United States, and Yemen.

15. Can my profit/loss/balance be displayed in a currency different from my account’s base currency?

Yes. You can display all account values in any currency that is suitable for you. Please go to Settings -> Trading platform -> Preview currency.

16. My balance/profit/loss shows “0” even though I have funds on my account/open positions. Why?

Increase it to maximum available value. To do this, please go to Settings -> Trading platform -> Cryptocurrency precision.


1. Berapa lama masa diperlukan untuk mengeluarkan wang saya?

Pengeluaran pindahan wayar boleh mengambil masa sehingga 3-5 hari bekerja. Pengeluaran menggunakan sistem pembayaran elektronik, kad bank dan mata wang kripto diproses dalam masa 24 jam. Sila ingat bahawa permintaan pengeluaran semasa hujung minggu akan diproses pada hari Isnin.

2. Bolehkah saya berdagang selepas membuat permintaan pengeluaran?

Ya, wang akan didebitkan dari akaun perdagangan anda dengan segera. Anda boleh berdagang dengan dana anda.

3. Saya menggunakan beberapa sistem pembayaran elektronik untuk membiayai akaun dan menjana keuntungan/membuat kerugian. Bagaimana saya boleh mengeluarkan wang?

Jika anda membuat deposit menggunakan beberapa sistem pembayaran dan menjana kentungan/membuat kerugian, anda boleh mengeluarkan dana dengan sistem pembayaran yang digunakan untuk jumlah deposit tertinggi. Dana yang didepositkan melalui pindahan wayar atau deposit tempatan mesti dikeluarkan menggunakan akaun bank.

4. Bolehkah saya memindahkan wang antara akaun-akaun perdagangan saya?

Ya, anda boleh menggunakan pilihan Pindahan Dalaman. Wang akan dipindahkan dengan serta-merta. Tiada yuran dikenakan untuk pindahan antara akaun dengan mata wang yang sama.

5. Adakah boleh untuk caj semula deposit ke kad kredit?

Ya, ia adalah satu-satunya cara untuk mengeluarkan dana yang didepositkan menggunakan kad kredit.

6. Apa yang terjadi sekiranya saya tidak menghantar salinan kad kredit ke SimpleFX ?

Dalam kes ini, anda tidak akan dapat membuat deposit atau mengeluarkan sebarang dana menggunakan kad kredit ini.

7. Apa yang terjadi jika saya menggunakan kad kredit orang lain?

Pembayaran menggunakan kad kredit pihak ketiga adalah dilarang! Dalam kes pembayaran seperti ini, jumlah yang dipindahkan akan dikurangkan oleh yuran caj kembali dan akan dipulangkan kepada pemegang kad kredit. Tambahan lagi, tiada kemungkinan untuk membuat pembayaran seterusnya menggunakan kad ini di masa akan datang.

8. Berapa banyak masa yang saya ada untuk menghantar dokumen yang diperlukan?

Tiada had masa untuk menghantar dokumen yang diperlukan. Walau bagaimanapun, jika kami tidak menerima dokumen tersebut, kami mungkin menyekat kemungkinan untuk membuat deposit menggunakan kad kredit ini pada masa akan datang.

9. Do you accept fiat (hard) currency?

Yes. You can open an account in 18 different hard currencies!

10. Why are Bitcoin deposits not instant?

SimpleFX requires 1 confirmation from a Bitcoin network to process a Bitcoin deposit request. SimpleFX does not have any influence on confirmation time. The first confirmation is usually received within 1–30 minutes. However, this time period may be delayed due to low transaction fee or Bitcoin network overload.

11. Why are cryptocurrency withdrawals not instant?

To ensure the security of our Traders’ accounts, SimpleFX may take up to 24 hours to verify and process a cryptocurrency withdrawal request.

12. Can I exchange Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for hard currency?

It is impossible to exchange Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to any hard currencies through our website. However, you may trade all instruments in our offer using your crypto account.

13. Can I exchange Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for Tether (USDT)?

Unfortunately, conversion to Tether is not possible.

14. What is the minimum initial deposit required to open a new account?

There is no minimum deposit required to open an account. You may transfer as much funds as you want. However, it is good to check the required margin of the instruments. You may check it in our Trade Calculator. Here is a quick video tutorial.

15. What are the main rules regarding withdrawals?

Withdrawals are processed 24/7 in accordance with the rules presented here. The withdrawal and deposit methods, as well as the currency, must be the same. You may withdraw the amount equal to your account balance minus the amount used to fulfill margin requirements for open positions. The withdrawal time presented by SimpleFX does not take into consideration time delays caused by our payment processors to complete the withdrawal process.

16. What are the main rules regarding deposits?

All deposits are free of any charge from SimpleFX. Hard currency deposits are instant, however, some slight delays may be caused by our payment processor to complete the deposit process. The time needed to complete a cryptocurrency deposit depends on the crypto network efficiency at that time.

17. Can I withdraw my money if I have an open position?

Yes, you can, given that at the moment of payment, your free margin exceeds the amount specified in the withdrawal instruction, including all payment charges. If you do not have sufficient free margin in your trading account, the system will not accept your request and you will need to lower the amount.

18. What documents are needed to perform my first fiat (hard currency) deposit?

In order to proceed with a non-bitcoin deposit, clients must pass an identity, residence and selfie verification process. For identity verification, we require a copy of a valid document that will confirm your name and date of birth (i.e. passport or national identity card). For residence verification, we require a copy of a document no older than 3 months that will confirm your actual residential address (i.e. bank statement or telephone, water or electricity bill).

19. What is a withdrawal fee?

A withdrawal fee is the fee you pay when you make a withdrawal. Check the SimpleFX withdrawal fees here.

20. Why is the amount received in my trading account smaller than the amount I sent?

SimpleFX does not charge their clients for deposits. If the deposit received on your trading account is smaller than the actual deposit you initiated, your bank may have charged some additional fees for the wire transfer. Please contact your bank to find out more about intermediary banks.

21. What is the conversion rate for Skrill and Neteller withdrawal fees?

If you deposit or withdraw USD via Skrill or Neteller, the fee conversion rate is 1:1. The conversion rate for other currencies is the same as what we offer for trading at the time the withdrawal request was submitted.

22. What is the conversion rate for account currency exchange?

The conversion rate for account currency exchange is the same as the rate we offer for trading at the time of submitting a withdrawal request.

23. Can I deposit to/withdraw from my friend’s/relative’s account/card?

Due to AML regulations, we do not accept deposits and withdrawals made by third parties. Your deposit can only be made from your own account/card, and the withdrawal has to go back to the source where the deposit was made.

24. Can I transfer funds from my trading account to another client’s trading account?

It is not possible.

25. I still didn't receive my ETH deposit. How long will it take?

Unfortunately, there is a chance that your payment was performed via smart contract, which means it cannot be accepted by SimpleFX. As a rule, we do not support smart contract payments due to security reasons. However, retrieving the funds sent via smart contract will be charged with 1% transaction fee (minimum 10$). This is clearly stated on the SimpleFX website in the Ethereum deposit section. Other possible reasons are that the (1) network is busy or that (2) the gas limit for a transfer was set too low.

26. What is a gas limit?

Gas is a transaction fee that you can set up in your wallet while making a transfer. SimpleFX requires a minimum of 32,000 gas for all transfers.

27. I have added a withdrawal wallet address for verification but did not receive a verification email. What should I do?

Please check the SPAM folder of your mailbox. If the email is still not there, please remove the wallet address from the list and add it again.

Meta Trader 4

1. Bagaimana cara membuka kedudukan perdagangan?

Pilih instrumen kewangan daripada Market Watch (di sudut kanan atas skrin) dan klik dua kali.

2. Bagaimana saya boleh membuka carta baru?

Buka menu Fail dan klik Carta Baru, kemudian pilih instrumen kewangan daripada senarai.

3. Apa itu Baki, Ekuiti, Margin dan Margin Bebas?

Baki adalah jumlah wang dalam akaun anda selepas penutupan dagangan terakhir. Ekuiti adalah jumlah Baki dan Untung/Rugi kedudukan terbuka semasa dan SWAP. Margin adalah jumlah wang yang perlu untuk melindungi kerugian anda semasa perdagangan margin. Margin bebas adalah jumlah yang ada untuk membuka perdagangan seterusnya. Margin bebas sama dengan ekuiti tolak margin.

4. Saya telah memuat turun Metatrader 4 dari broker lain. Bolehkah saya berdagang dengan SimpleFX?

Ya, boleh. Perkara yang anda perlu lakukan hanyalah menukar nama Pelayan dalam tetapan Metatrader: Buka Menu Alat → Opsyen → Pelayan dan masukkan DNS Pelayan:\r\nSimpleFX Demo:\r\n
\r\nSimpleFX Langsung:

5. Saya telah memasang MetaTrader, tetapi tidak dapat bersambung dengan pelayan anda. Mengapa?

Jika anda menggunaka MetaTrader anda contohnya ditempat kerja, kemungkinan besar komputer anda bersambung dengan Internet melalui tembok api atau pelayan proksi.

6. Di mana saya boleh melihat nilai SWAP?

Klik kanan pada ruang Market Watch dan pilih Simbol dalam menu konteks. pilih pasangan mata wang dan klik Properties.

7. Bolehkah saya menukar zon masa dalam MetaTrader?

Tidak, zon masa pelayan perdagangan kami sentiasa dalam UTC.

8. Bagaimana saya boleh melihat sejarah perdagangan saya?

Buka tetingkap terminal dengan menekan Ctrl+T pada papan kekunci dan pilih tab Sejarah Akaun. Klik kanan untuk membolehkan menu konteks, di mana ia akan membenarkan anda menyimpan sejarah perdagangan sebagai fail .html untuk anda lihat kemudian nanti apabila log keluar.

9. Bolehkah saya menggunakan robot/pedagang auto atau penasihat pakar?

Ya , semua platform perdagangan kami menyokong penggunaan EA (penasihat pakar).

10. Bagaimana saya boleh mengetahui yang perdagangan telah ditutup?

Senarai kedudukan dibuka dipaparkan di tab Terminal di bahagian bawah tetingkap MetaTrader.

11. Mengapa nilai baki saya begitu tinggi dalam BTC?

Platform MetaTrader ditetapkan untuk menunjukkan baki akaundengan dua tempat selepas koma (1 BIT = 100 satoshis atau 0.01 BIT = 1 satoshi). Ini sebabnya mengapa kami menggunakan BIT berbanding BTC (1 BTC=1 000 000 BIT).

12. Is it possible to change the display currency BIT/LIT/EIT/EIC to another currency in MT4?

It is not possible.

13. How do I download the historical data for any symbol from the SimpleFX offers?

Please go to MetaTrader4. Press F2, then choose a symbol. Double click on the required time interval. Finally, click on the “Export” button.

14. Can I change the time presented on MT4 charts?

It is not possible. MT4 displays UTC time. You may try our webtrader, which displays your local time zone.

15. I opened MT4 but I can't see BTCUSD or other cryptocurrencies. Why?

Please right click on Market Watch. When the new window pops up, click “Show All.”

16. Can I have multiple versions of MT4 running to monitor several accounts?

Yes. Just download once again MT4 from our download section and install it in another location other than the default installation directory.

17. How can I login to MT4?

To login to MT4, type in your SimpleFX account number and your password used on the webtrader.

18. Is it possible to set a Trailing Stop using your web platform?

No. However, you can find a Trailing Stop on our MT4 platform. To set up a Trailing Stop on MT4, right click on the open position, and then choose Trailing Stop. Before you can do this, you need to connect your account with MT4.

19. I can’t add a new trading account in MT4. Why?

You can only create a new trading account via website only. To do this, please go to SimpleFX. Then, click on the Main menu -> Accounts & Deposits -> Add accounts. After that, you can connect a newly created account to the MetaTrader4 software.

Terma-terma Forex

1. Apa itu ambil untung?

Ambil untung adalah satu pesanan untuk menutup kedudukan yang masih terbuka pada harga yang lebih menguntungkan klien berbanding harga semasa membuat pesanan. Apabila paras ambil untung dicapai, pesanan akan ditutup.

2. Apa itu panggilan margin?

Panggilan Margin adalah amaran kepada pedagang apabila ekuiti akaun jatuh di bawah 50% Paras Margin. Ini bermakna, akaun itu hanya mempunyai margin yang disediakan dan harus dibiaya dengan lebih banyak wang untuk menghalangnya daripada menghadapi Stop Out atau ditutup secara paksa. Platform perdagangan akan mula menutup kedudukan perdagangan pada paras Stop Out, yang mana ditetapkan pada Paras Margin 30%.

3. Apa itu spread?

Spread adalah perbezaan antara harga tawaran dan permintaan. Harga tawaran adalah kadar di mana anda boleh menjual pasangan mata wang, dan harga permintaan adalah kadar di mana anda boleh membeli pasangan mata wang. Dengan kami, anda boleh berdagang pelbagai jenis instrumen dengan spread yang fleksibel. Ini akan memberikan anda tahap ketelusan harga yang tinggi dalam perdagangan anda.

4. Apa itu FIFO?

Dalam perdagangan Forex, FIFO (First In, First Out) adalah syarat di mana anda perlu menutup perdagangan terbuka yang pertama (paling lama) apabila terdapat beberapa perdagangan terbuka pasangan yang sama dan nilai yang sama.

5. Apa itu “jumlah pesanan” dalam perdagangan Forex?

Istilah jumlah pesanan merujuk kepada bilangan lot standard yang anda mahu dagangkan. 1.00 merujuk kepada 1 lot standard atau 100,000 unit mata wang asas, jadi 0.10 merujuka kepada 1 lot mini atau 10,000 unit mata wang asas. 0.01 merujuk kepada 1 lot mikro atau 1000 unit mata wang asas.

6. Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan mempunyai kedudukan 'panjang' atau 'pendek'?

Jika anda membeli pasangan mata wang, anda mebuka kedudukan 'panjang', jika menjual - 'pendek'. Sebagai contoh, jika anda membeli 1 lot EUR/USD ia bermaksud anda membuka kedudukan panjang untuk 100,000 unit EUR. Dan jika anda menjual 10 lot AUD/CAD, ia bermaksud yang anda membuka kedudukan pendek untuk 1,000,000 unit USD.

7. Apa itu kerugian tersukat?

Kerugian tersukat (henti rugi) adalah pesanan untuk menutup kedudukan yang masih terbuka pada harga yang kurang menguntungkan klien berbanding pada harga semasa membuat pesanan. Kerugian tersukat adalah titik had yang anda tetapkan untuk pesanan anda. Sebaik sahaja had ini dicapai, pesanan akan ditutup. Ciri ini berguna jika anda mahu meminimakan kerugian apabila pasaran tidak menyebelahi anda. Titik kerugian tersukat sentiasa ditetapkan di bawah harga PERMINTAAN semasa untuk beli atau di atas harga TAWARAN semasa untuk jual.

8. Apa itu 'trailing stop'?

Trailing stop adalah sejenis pesanan henti rugi. Ia ditetapkan pada tahap peratus sama ada di bawah harga pasaran (untuk kedudukan panjang) atau di atas harga pasaran (untuk kedudukan pendek).

9. Apa itu broker Forex?

Broker Forex adalah perantara antara anda dan meja interbank, rangkaian bank yang berdagang antara satu sama lain. Secara tipikal, broker Forex akan menawarkan anda harga daripada bank, bertindak sebagai pembekal mudah tunai mereka. SimpleFX menggunakan pelbagai bank untuk harga dan kami menawarkan kepada anda sebut harga terbaik dengan pelaksanaan yang cepat.

10. Apa itu margin?

Margin adalah jumlah peratusan keseluruhan saiz perdagangan yang diperlukan oleh broker sebagai deposit niat baik untuk membenarkan pedagang membuka kedudukan. Jumlah ini bukanlah yuran atau kos transaksi: ia hanyalah sebahagian daripada ekuiti akaun anda yang diasingkan dalam akaun sebagai deposit untuk perdagangan. Syarat-syarat margin dikira dengan mengambil peratusan saiz perdagangan dan ditentukan oleh broker terlebih dahulu dalam syarat-syarat perdagangan.

11. Apa itu pasaran semerta?

Pasaran semerta merujuk kepada pasaran yang berurusan dengan harga semasa instrumen kewangan.

12. Apa itu gelinciran dan mengapa ia berlaku?

Gelinciran/kemerosotan berlaku apabula jurang pasaran pada harga atau disebabkan kecairan yang tersedia pada harga yang diberi telah berkurangan. Jurang pasaran biasanya berlaku dalam pasaran yang bergerak pantas apabila harga boleh melangkau beberapa pip tanpa adanya perdagangan. Begitu juga, setiap harga mempunyai jumlah kecairan yang tertentu. Sebagai contoh, jika harga adalah 50 dan terdapat 1 juta pada 50, maka pesanan 3 juta akan mengalami gelinciran, disebabkan 3 juta lebih daripada 1 juta yang terdapat pada harga 50.

13. Apa itu rollover/swap?

Kadar rollover, juga dirujuk sebagai kadar swap atau faedah, hanyalah kos angkut yang digunapakai pada akaun anda secara harian. Ia adalah perbezaan antara kadar faedah dua mata wang yang mana pedagang peroleh atau bayar apabila kedudukan dibuka semalaman.

14. What is a 3 days swap?

Although there is no rollover on Saturdays and Sundays when the markets are closed, banks still calculate interest on any position held over the weekend. To level this time gap, SimpleFX applies a 3-day rollover strategy on Wednesdays or Fridays.

15. What is “Size”?

Trade size refers to the size of the position that you would like to open, NOT the amount of your funds that you would like to use. It depends on the instrument.

16. How does leverage work?

Bigger leverage does not increase interest, profit or loss. Only the size of a position has influence on these parameters. With higher leverage, you can open bigger positions but it is not always necessary. For example 1 lot position on any instrument and 1:100 leverage will give you the same profit/loss and interest as 1 lot on the same instrument and with 1:500 leverage. However, when high leverage is used, your margin requirements are lower so you have more free margin and can open more positions.

Soalan Umum

1. Bagaimana saya mendapat keuntungan dengan berdagang dalam Forex?

Jumlah keuntungan anda bergantung kepada keberkesanan strategi akaun perdagangan anda, bergantung kepada bagaimana anda belajar meramal perubahan kadar faedah dan sehingga kepada bilangan kecil deposit anda yang membenarkan anda mengekalkan situasi tidak menguntungkan semasa pergerakan pasaran.

2. Bagaimana perdagangan Forex berfungsi?

Forex digunakan untuk berdagang pasangan mata wang. Mata wang biasa adalah Euro/Dolar AS, AS Dolar/Yen Jepun, Paun Great British/Dolar AS dan AS Dolar/Dolar Kanada. Anda membeli satu mata wang dan secara automatik akan menjual yang lain.

3. Bagaimana saya boleh membuka akaun perdagangan?

Klik Daftar, sahkan emel dan anda akan menerima butiran log masuk milik anda. Akaun Bitcoin tidak memerlukan pengesahan lain: tiada Identiti atau Bukti alamat diperlukan. Untuk membuka akaun mata wang utama, anda perlu melalui proses pengesahan terlebih dahulu.

4. Apakah peralatan yang saya perlukan untuk berdagang Forex?

Anda hanya perlukan sebuah komputer dengan sambungan internet dan akaun demo percuma atau akaun langsung yang dibiaya untuk bermula dengan SimpleFX. Walau bagaimanapun, anda perlu mempunyai pendidikan dan alat Forex yang sesuai untuk meminimakan risiko dalam pasaran Forex.

5. Siapakah ahli-ahli dalam pasaran Forex?

Pasaran Forex dipanggil pasaran Interbank disebabkan fakta bersejarah yang ia telah dikuasai oleh bank, termasuk Central bank, bank komersial, dan bank pelaburan. Walau bagaimanapun, peratusan ahli pasaran lain semakin meningkat dan kini senarainya meliputi syarikat multinasional, pengurus kewangan global, peniaga berdaftar, broker wang antarabangsa, pedagang hadapan dan opsyen serta pelabur individu.

6. Di manakah terletaknya pusat pasaran Forex?

Perdagangan Forex tidak dipusatkan pada pertukaran, seperti kes saham dan pasaran hadapan. Pasaran Forex dianggap pasaran Di Kaunter atau 'Interbank', ini kerana transaksinya dilakukan di antara dua rakan melalui telefon atau rangkaian elektronik.

7. Apa itu Forex?

Forex juga dikenali sebagai pertukaran asing atau FX adalah pembelian serentak salah satu mata wang sementara menjual yang lain. Pasaran Forex tersedia 24 jam sehari, lima hari seminggu dan ia merupakan salah satu pasaran kewangan terbesar dan paling mudah tunai dalam dunia. Bandingkan, Bursa Saham New York menjana kira-kira $169 bilion sehari mengikut jumlah dan Pasaran Forex menjana lebih daripada $5 trilion sehari mengikut jumlah.

8. Does SimpleFX send tax returns?

SimpleFX sends emails with monthly and daily statements, and these documents may be used to account for taxes. We do not send any documents or statements for our traders to tax offices. It is your obligation to calculate taxes based on your account statements and your local law.

9. Can I lose more than I deposited to my SimpleFX account?

To provide ease to our traders, we secure trading accounts with Negative Balance Protection. It is a feature that automatically closes your transactions to protect your account before reaching negative balance.


1. I invited my friends to SimpleFX, and they already made a deposit. However, I don’t see my affiliate revenue from referring them on my account. Why?

Your friends need to place a trade for you to get your affiliate revenue. You earn up to 25% of the trading spread generated from directly referred friends. Additionally, you get 5% of your friends’ revenue share, which they earn from the traders they have referred directly.

2. Why can't I see my affiliates’ names or contact information?

Due to SimpleFX’s Privacy Protection Policy, we do not share affiliates’ personal details or contact information. They will be visible in encrypted form in your Affiliate Panel.

3. I invited my friends to SimpleFX, they already registered. However, I can't see them as my referrals. Why?

Your friends have 24 hours to confirm the verification email sent to them by SimpleFX.

4. What methods can I use to withdraw money from affiliation?

You can use any payment method available for your country residence. Check the list of payment methods for each country here.

5. Can I change my referral?

Decision to choose your referral is final. Once chosen, referrals cannot be modified, since it would harm our affiliation network, which helps to introduce new clients to SimpleFX.

6. I have made a withdrawal of my earned affiliate commission, but I still did not receive it on my account. Why?

Your affiliate payout was most likely already sent to your virtual wallet. Now you can transfer it to one of your trading accounts to use it for trading or to withdraw it. To do that, please go to your Profile -> Affiliate -> Payout.


1. Do trades have expiration or settlement dates?

Opened orders do not have expiration nor settlement date. Unexecuted pending order expires after 180 calendar days beginning the date that the order was placed.

2. Can I trade using my mobile devices?

SimpleFX offers trading via mobile devices. Our web platform is fully adjustable to any software you are using. Mobile iOS app and Android app are available. Additionally, please feel free to download MetaTrader4 software for your mobile devices. Please check the MetaTrader4 download page.

3. How do I check historical data regarding any symbol from the SimpleFX offers?

Charts of currency pairs displayed at SimpleFX date even a few years back. Please click on “W1” on webtrader or “MN” in MetaTrader4 to reveal a wider data range.

4. My account is in Bitcoin, but I do not have any order opened on Bitcoin. I am holding positions on metals, indices and forex. Will my account be affected with the price of Bitcoin going down rapidly?

Trading conditions like required margin may be changed due to price changes. Your profit or loss is dependent also on the exchange rate of Bitcoin against other symbols, which changes in time. As a result, your profit or loss is dependent on Bitcoin prices.

5. Why does my equity/profit/loss change even though the market is closed?

The quoted currency of the instrument on which you have an open position is USD. Therefore, the point value is calculated in USD, and then recalculated to BTC to show profit/loss on your BTC account. Since BTC price jumped significantly, the profit/loss in BTC could also be affected. For example, for a 100 lot size position on TSLA.US stock, 1 point is worth 1 USD, which would be 0.004 BTC when BTC is worth 4000 USD, but 0.005 BTC when BTC is worth 5000 USD.

6. Why are spreads so high during the opening of the market?

The level of liquidity is usually much lower during market opening. Lower liquidity can cause higher market volatility. As a result, spreads are wider.

7. Is spread applied twice, first time during opening of the order and second time during closing of the order?

Spread is applied once during the opening of an order.

8. Why is the market frozen and prices do not change?

The most common reason for prices not updating is that the market is closed due to standard trading hours. Market can also be closed due to the holiday period. There may also be an issue with base exchanges (such as Binance, NASDAQ, CME, and EUREX). However, if you are certain that there is an issue with our system, do not hesitate to contact SimpleFX Support via email or Live Support immediately.

9. What kind of leverage is available?

At SimpleFX, you can choose one leverage for each account. You can modify it, but the required margin will be affected. However, you can always add another account to use a different leverage. The minimum leverage is 1:2, and the maximum is 1:500. The effective leverage depends on which market you are trading.

10. What does it mean when the market is closed?

You cannot close, modify or open orders for closed symbols when the market is closed.

11. Are dividends paid to my account?

Yes. SimpleFX pays out the dividends for stocks and indices. The dividend will be added to your equity for BUY order. If you have a SELL order, the dividend will be subtracted from your account equity.

12. Should I long or short?

If you assume that price will go up, you may open a long (buy) order. If you think that the price will go down, you may open a short (sell) order.

13. Can I partially close my position?

Yes. You can partially close a position using different methods. Please check this short video tutorial.

14. My stop loss or take profit order was not activated or was activated too early. Why?

Sometimes, you can see on the chart that the price did not reach your stop loss level or take profit level, but the orders were executed. The chart is drawn by bid price. For closing a buy order, you should look at the bid price. For closing a sell order, you should look at the ask price. For further details, please check the SimpleFX Trading Tips.

15. I just got margin called. What do I do?

Your equity fell below 80% of your Margin Level. In order to prevent you from stop out (automatic order closure, explained below), you should make an additional deposit.

16. My position was closed without my permission/I just got stopped out. Why?

When you see a comment near your closed order “so/a,” it means that your margin level reached 30%, stop out was activated, and your trade was automatically closed to prevent you from further losses.

17. How do I convert SWAP rates?

SWAP points are presented in the SimpleFX Terms and Conditions.
Formula: size of order*contract size*tick size*swap rate=swap value in quote currency
Example: BTCUSD contract size is 100 and tick size is 0.01. For 0.01 lot BUY order (0.01 lot=1 BTC), swap rate is currently -533.8584 points, so calculations will be as follows: 1*1*0.01*(-533.8584)=-$5.338584. BTC price is currently about $11,050 so 5.338584/11050= -0.00048 BTC.

18. Why was my previous order closed when I opened a new one?

You have FIFO option enabled on the platform. It means that when you have a BUY position opened, and then open a SELL position on the same instrument with the same size, the new SELL position will close the former BUY position. To have both SELL and BUY positions opened simultaneously, you need to turn off the FIFO option. You can find the FIFO option on the Symbols panel, beside the trade calculator.

19. What time are the symbols closing today?

Symbols have different opening and closing times. You may check the closing time of a particular symbol by clicking on the symbol information. Additionally, you may visit the SimpleFX Terms and Conditions.

20. I didn't change the leverage, but it changed. Why?

The leverage limitation is a SimpleFX margin requirement that limits the risk associated with the close-out of large positions held on margin. Please bear in mind that all major brokers use this kind of risk-reducing system. For an account balance below $5000, you can set your maximum leverage up to 1:500. Of course, you can set a lower leverage manually like 1:200, 1:100, 1:50 and so on. But when your account balance will increase over $5000, your leverage will be reduced automatically to 1:400 or less, according to the SimpleFX leverage levels.

21. I made a deposit/internal transfer to my account, but I still got stopped out. Why?

Your free margin was reduced right after you performed a deposit/internal transfer to your account. Deposit/internal transfer increased your account balance, and that caused your account leverage to automatically decrease from 1:300 to 1:200.

22. Why are spreads changing?

SimpleFX offers floating spreads, which are obtained from top level liquidity providers. Spreads during the night sessions can be significantly higher than the standard spreads value during the day. Moreover, during important macroeconomic data releases, spreads can be wider than usual. With changing spreads, we offer better trading conditions during American and European trading sessions.

23. What are the requirements for an order to be executed?

An order can be executed if there is an opposite order or orders on the market.

24. Why do prices at SimpleFX differ from other exchanges?

The prices offered at SimpleFX are spot prices, which differs from contract prices.

25. How do I calculate the required margin?

The required margin is calculated with this formula:
Size of order*contract size*current exchange rate*margin%*leverage rate=required margin in quote currency
leverage rate=100/account leverage
Other data can be found in the SimpleFX Terms and Conditions.

26. What value has 1 pip of BTCUSD?

Formula is: (order size*contract size*tick size)=1 pip in quote currency.
For BTCUSD order of 0.01 size, 1 pip is worth: 0.01*100*0.01=$0.01.
For BTCUSD order of 0.1 size, 1 pip is worth: 0.1*100*0.01=$0.1

27. What is your market gap policy? When I submit a pending order and the market opens with a gap, on what price will my order be executed?

The order will be executed on the first price available when the market opens. If an order has a preset Stop Loss/Take Profit levels, and the order activation price and Stop Loss/Take Profit are both within the gap, the order will not be opened.


1. Apa itu bitcoin?

Bitcoin adalah adalah mata wang digital yang dicipta pada tahun 2009, berasaskan penulisan oleh Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin membolehkan pembayaran pantas (dan pembayaran mikro) pada kos yang sangat rendah, sambil mengelak keperluan untuk pihak berkuasa utama dan pengeluar.

2. Adakah selamat menggunakan SimpleFX untuk perdagangan Bitcoin?

Ya, kami mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga untuk memastikan keselamatan sistem kami dan sentiasa memantau rangkaian kami untuk sebarang aktiviti yang mencurigakan. Walau bagaimanapun, kami tidak dapat menyediakan keselamatan untuk bitcoin yang disimpan dalam komputer pengguna, jadi adalah penting untuk mengambil langkah tambahan untuk memastikan dompet bitcoin anda dilindungi daripada pengguna lain.

3. I don’t own cryptocurrency. Can I trade Bitcoin or other coins at SimpleFX?

Yes. You can deposit fiat currency and trade cryptocurrencies: BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LINKUSD, LTCUSD and others.

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