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SimpleFX Coin (SFX)

Ready to embark on an exciting new chapter in your trading journey? Revolutionise your trading game with the crypto multi-asset trading platform pioneer and its exclusive SFX token.

Start collecting airdrops of SFX Coins today. By doing so, you'll not only gain access to discounted spreads, but also enjoy a range of exclusive privileges designed to take your trading journey to new heights. Get all possible SFX Coins from airdrops while exploring the endless potential of our platform.

About SFX Coin

SFX Coin (SFX) is a utility token and core component of the broader SFX Coin ecosystem. It enables users to benefit from reduced trading costs, passive incomes from staking, early access to new products and features, and a range of other exclusive advantages. You can earn SFX Coins through various activities on our platform, including deposits, trading, and friends’ referrals.

Exploring Key Features and Benefits

Take Advantage of Spread Discounts!
  • Slash your trading costs and increase profitability as an SFX holder. Join now and enjoy the benefits of smarter, more cost-effective trading.
Withdrawal Fee Rebates
  • Optimise your trading strategy with reduced fees on fund withdrawals, enabling you to make the most of your assets.
Early Access to New Products And Features
  • By holding SFX tokens, you join the group of elite users of the SimpleFX platform that enjoy early entry to new products and features, along with privileged terms for emerging services.
VIP Services For Large Token Holders
  • As a holder of a significant number of tokens, you will have access to VIP Support, featuring a dedicated account manager, as well as voting rights on important platform decisions.

How can you get SFX Coins from airdrops?

To make the most of airdrops and acquire as many SFX Coins as possible, make deposits, trade, and refer your friends through our affiliate program.

  • Deposit $5 or more and receive 2.67 SFX
  • Make your first trade and get 5.35 SFX
  • Earn 1.36 SFX in cashback for every $1 worth of spread value generated through trading
  • Get 1.35 SFX for every referral who makes the first deposit of $5 or more
  • Refer friends and earn 4.4 SFX for each upon their first trade
  • Earn 0.88 SFX for every $1 value of your referrals revenue


by April 2024

Collect all
possible SFXs
up to May 2024

June 2024

Spread discounts
Margin Trading
November 2025

SFX margin trading
DAO Voting
December 2026

Influence platform's development choices

During the airdrop phase, users have the chance to accumulate SFX Coins through various means, such as cashback rewards on trades and exclusive giveaways. Every opportunity to obtain SFX Coins is significant, and users are encouraged to take advantage of all available channels to maximise their acquisition of SFX Coins.

Up to May 2024, SFX Coin holders will have access to a suite of valuable benefits, including reduced trading costs and staking rewards.

SFX Coin allocation

We have designed the SFX Coin to serve as a powerful tool for driving the growth and expansion of our trading platform. The majority of our token supply will be directed towards incentivising our users, developing new partnerships and promoting the growth of the SFX Coin ecosystem.

SFX coin will have a maximum supply of 100 million tokens. All of these tokens will be gradually distributed over a period of up to 5 years, ensuring a steady and controlled release into the market.

Questions about SFX Coin?

1. What is SFX Coin?

SFX Coin (SFX) is a utility token of the SimpleFX trading platform. Holding SFX Coins gives you access to executive privileges, including discounted spreads and share in our platform's profits. You can get SFX Coins from airdrops by making deposits, trading, and referring your friends through our affiliate program.

2. What are the benefits of holding SFX Coins?

By owning SFX Coins, you unlock a host of benefits that include reduced spreads, a share in our platform's profits, withdrawal fee rebates, and other exclusive privileges designed to take your trading journey to new heights.

3. How many SFXs are there, and what’s their allocation?

The SFX Coin has a fixed maximum supply of 100 million tokens. Most of the token supply is directed toward incentivizing users, developing new partnerships, and promoting the growth of the SimpleFX ecosystem.

4. What is the value of SFX tokens?

The value of SFX Coin lies in the incredible opportunities it unlocks for you as a trader on our platform. It serves as a gateway to substantial benefits. By collecting and holding our tokens, you're essentially building your path to significant savings. These tokens are your key to unlocking exclusive spread discounts, allowing you to trade more efficiently and cost-effectively. So, in essence, the true value of our token is the power it gives you to maximize your trading potential and achieve greater financial success.

5. Where can I find the litepaper?

You can find the SFX litepaper here.

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