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Accounting 신규 제안 없음

Customer service 신규 제안

1. FX Customer Support Specialist

Job description:

Your task will be to maintain high standards of customer service by responding to inquiries from customers (contact us) and work with the CRM system. Work will let you develop knowledge about the functioning of modern information technologies and their use in applications related to the broad financial market.

Please note that the role requires working in a shift system.


  • MA University degree/BA University degree or last year students
  • Very Good Knowledge of the functioning of International financial markets, including OTC products
  • very good command of English
  • additional language will be an asset
  • very good computer skills
  • strong customer orientation, excellent interpersonal skills
  • organizational skills
  • willing to broaden knowledge

We offer:

  • opportunity to gain work experience during the implementation of interesting projects
  • great working atmosphere
  • possibility of professional qualifications

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